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Indian River Inlet & Burton Island causeway December 16

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023 9-11:30AM

SBC field trip to Delaware Seashore State Park. 22 members enjoyed birding in wonderful weather, 50-2 degrees F, 5-8 mph winds and mostly sunny.

Part 1: At the inlet, we checked the jetty, the rocks, the inlet, the ocean and the beach. Then we walked west and scanned the inlet and the bay. Finally, we went into the campground and searched for sparrows. eBird checklist for the inlet.

Part 2: Burton Island. Due to hunting season and hearing guns firing, we did not cross the causeway. We searched from the causeway and walked the edge of the marsh. eBird checklist for Burton Island causeway.


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