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Traveler Series



Sussex Bird Club

members love to travel, and they will go far and wide, by land, sea and air, to view amazing and beautiful birds!


These are some of the birds you will see in Delaware, either as year round residents or passing through in migration.  Join the Sussex Bird Club, enjoy the view, and take some wild bird photos at the same time.  Many birders are introduced to birding through photography and always have their cameras ready for the perfect pic!  

American Avocets by John Long

Great Horned Owl by John Hoyt


Bobolink by Dick Plambeck

Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Ed Crawford

Bald Eagle by Ken Arni


Great Blue Heron by Kevin Moore

Red-breasted Merganser by Dick Plambeck

Ruddy Turnstone by Dick Plambeck

Camera Captures