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Hawk Watch 

The 2023 Hawk Watch ended on November 30.
A big thanks to Jen Ottinger for heading the count and to all the volunteers who came out to help.

See you in September '24!


Tom Stock, Jen Ottinger, Ruth Kaufman, Sue Gruver

The Sussex County Hawk Watch is located at Cape Henlopen State Park on the elevated platform near the large picnic pavilion. The season runs from September 1 thru November 30 and the hours are normally 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week. The watch is canceled in cases of extreme bad weather.

Volunteers are always needed; they are critical to the success of Hawk Watch! The volunteer hours help Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife get the funds to run the Hawk Watch and fund a full-time paid counter. Just show up at the platform any day from 9am-3pm (weather dependent). Members of the Sussex Bird Club frequently help with spotting birds and conducting the count. Hawk Watch is an excellent way to learn hawks in flight, and someone is always there to assist with bird identification. Come on out, learn to ID raptors, watch seabirds and dolphins, and meet interesting new people!


The 2022 Hawk Watch set the all time BALD EAGLE count for Cape Henlopen: 20 for the day, 656 for the season! It was the best overall migration count since 2014 at Cape Henlopen.


We had another successful year of Hawk Watch in 2023. Jen Ottinger was back as our paid counter, and SBC member Sue Gruver was her faithful assistant, taking notes and spotting raptors on a daily basis.


The Cape Henlopen Hawk Watch data for 2023 can be found at The Delaware Hawk Watch is organized by the Delaware Ornithological Society.

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