Bald Eagle at Assawoman Wildlife Area by Ken Arni


Friday, June 28, 2019   8:00 a.m.

Meet at Refuge HQ for our first excursion of summer. We will likely bird up the entry road to look for the dickcissel and other grassland birds; both bobolink and grasshopper sparrow have been seen recently. Blue grosbeak and indigo bunting should be present. Then we may walk the boardwalk loop looking for nesting great-crested flycatcher, flicker, cedar waxwing and house wren. Lastly we may bird Turkle and Fleetwood ponds to find a prothonotary warbler, or we may head to Broadkill Marsh for shorebirds, skimmers, terns and herons. It may be too early for shorebirds although rumor has it that early returning dowitcher and yellowlegs are present We should be finished by 11 a.m. (Photo © Sharon Lynn)

This SBC trip to Cecil County, MD evolved into a full day of birding throughout Delaware and an amazing total of 81 species for the day! At Fair Hills NRWMA five SBC members found an abundance of singing bobolinks and meadowlarks, redstarts, and Acadian flycatcher. A stop at Bombay Hook NWR turned up 3 gull-billed terns. Click here for a detailed report of their birding extravaganza. (Photo © Sharon Lynn)

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The SBC "Road Runners" Bird-A-Thon team raised over $10,000, and earned 1st Place in the County Challenge category! Altogether the Bird-A-Thon raised more than $91,000 to purchase critical bird habitat in Delaware.

Congratulations & thank you to Road Runners (l. to r.) Carol Blye, Rob Schroeder, Rob Blye, Sue Gruver, Nancy Cunningham, and Sharon Lynne (not pictured). The team would like to thank everyone for their support.

Thursday, June 20, 2019 6:30 a.m.

Sussex Bird Club's final spring trip is to Cecil County, Maryland--just west of Newark, DE.
Fair Hill NRMA hosts breeding bobolinks (85 nests in 2015) and meadowlarks; this is prime time to see the grassland fledglings as we walk through the many acres of managed grassland habitat.  Grasshopper and savannah sparrows should be within close view from numerous groomed trails.  Excellent photographic opportunities abound within a short walk from the parking area. We will walk less than one mile yet see as many as 60+ species. Registration is required if you want to carpool! Contact Rob Blye.
   (Photo © Sharon Lynn)

7 SBC members walked along Ponders Road to the Connector Path on right then to Ingrams Branch and back to Ponders Road and parking lot for a 3 hour hike. Highlights were several territorial summer tanagers, scarlet tanager, a wet but spunky black and white warbler, several Acadian flycatchers and many singing pine warblers. We also saw lots of interesting reptiles, amphibians and plants.

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Click here for a more detailed trip report.

(Photo © Edward Crawford)

Thursday, June 6, 2019   7:00 a.m.

Join leaders for a breeding season walking tour of The Nature Conservancy's 908-acre Ponders Tract. This large forest is excellent habitat for breeding birds including summer and scarlet tanagers, yellow-billed cuckoo, worm eating warbler, common yellowthroat, prairie warbler, black and white warbler, blue grosbeak, indigo bunting and many others. We are meeting at Ponders (Rt. 16 west of Milton) at 7:00 a.m to beat the heat, and we should be finished by 10:00.

We started birding Phillips Landing at 8 a.m. The parking lot and wooded trail yielded both tanagers, 2 yellow-billed cuckoos heard, close looks at eastern wood pewee and Prothonotary warbler in addition to the usual suspects.

We arrived at the Big Field parking area about 10 a.m. and walked the edges where it had been mowed. We first saw a brightly colored, female summer tanager perched on a horizontal branch in good light. Two people saw 2 yellow-billed cuckoos in the same tree with the red-eyed vireo we all heard singing incessantly. A beautiful red-tailed hawk circled overhead.

Our total species count for the trip was 39.

(Photo © Kevin Moore)

Sussex Bird Club will venture almost to the Maryland border on Thursday May 30, 2019 to investigate the very birdy Phillips Landing area and Nanticoke Wildlife Area. Meet at the Giant in Long Neck at 7 a.m., or at Phillips Landing by 8. We will bird the parking lot, Broad Creek and the woodland trail near the boat ramp. Then we make our way via several brief stops to the "Big Field" area of the Nanticoke WA and walk the paths and field edges. We plan to return to the Giant by noon. Please register with Rob Blye via email or phone. (Photo © Kevin Moore)

17 SBC members birded a route in southern Kent County that included Fishing Creek on Big Stone Beach Road, Milford Neck WA, TNC and Delaware Wildlands preserves at Milford Neck and the bay and marshes at Big Stone Beach.

The MNWA dog training area was bristling with yellow-breasted chat, cedar waxwing, blue grosbeak, indigo bunting and white-eyed vireo, among others.

At the marsh edge on Big Stone Beach Road we heard or saw osprey, yellow warbler, marsh wren and common yellowthroat. Click here for details. There are 3 eBird checklists:

Thursday, May 23, 2019   8:00 a.m.

Come bird the Milford Neck and Big Stone Beach areas on Thursday, May 23, 2019 to catch late migrants and early breeding birds. With some luck we may see or hear least bittern, Virginia rail and marsh wren in addition to breeding warblers, orioles and tanagers. Meet at Lewes Lowes @8:00 or Milford Bay Rd. Valero @8:30.

20 SBC members met at Prime Hook. It was raining, chilly and overcast although the day started and ended warm and bright. At Slaughter Beach F.D. a variety of shorebirds were visible but nothing special. We then moved to the new Marvel Saltmarsh boardwalk. The highlights there were several seaside sparrows, a saltmarsh sparrow, northern parula, American redstart, common yellowthroat, and a Virginia rail that skulked into the cordgrass before most of us saw it. Next we briefly birded the edge of the bay at Evans Rd. Our last stop was the DuPont Nature Center, where we saw a large number of shorebirds, but very few red knots, before the bugs and heat drove us away. Click here for a detailed report. There are 4 eBird checklists for this trip:

Sunday, May 19, 2019    2:00 p.m. LEWES LIBRARY

Please note the change of date and location for the Sussex Bird Club's May meeting!

We will have a brief business meeting followed by a presentation by SBC members Carol and Rob Blye on the trip they took with members John Long and Rob Schroeder, to Belize, Central America in February, 2019. Carol, John, and Rob Schroeder took many photographs which will be presented in addition to a discussion of locations, lodging, birds, meals and culture. The group saw over 250 species of birds, many of which are spectacularly beautiful and many of which were life birds.

Join the Sussex Bird Club on its trip to Slaughter Beach on a falling tide in mid May---the perfect time for red knots, ruddy turnstones, shorebirds, ospreys, eagles, rails, gulls and terns.
Meet at Prime Hook NWR HQ at 8:00 a.m. We will observe birds in the parking lot and refuge entrance road before carpooling to Slaughter Beach. We'll stop at the SB Firehouse observation platform, then on to the new Marvel saltmarsh boardwalk for marsh wren, clapper rail and seaside sparrow. Next, we drive on Lighthouse Road where rails and seaside sparrows often are visible from the car, hopefully arriving at the renowned DuPont Nature Center about 10:00.

 Details were emailed to SBC members. (Photo of Semipalmated Plover © Dick Plambeck)

The Gordon's Pond walk was pretty successful with 47 species, a nice mix of woodland birds and shorebirds.

There were 7 SBC attendees on an overcast 62F day that eventually got sunny.

We walked from the parking lot to past bench 5 and back. We spent a few minutes at Herring Point but didn't see much there. Highlights include 1 female and 2 immature orchard orioles and several blue grosbeaks. Ann saw a blackpoll warbler, and we had one pine warbler but there was not much doing in the warbler category. Here's the eBird checklist. (Photo by Rich Giannola)

Thursday, May 9, 2019    8:00 a.m.

Sussex Bird Club will conduct a bird walk at Cape Henlopen State Park, Gordon's Pond trail on Thursday May 9 at 8-11 a.m.

Meet in the lower parking lot at Herring Point/Gordon's Pond trailhead (Lewes side). We will walk the gravel and boardwalk path south to bench 5 and return (2 miles). Depending on the time, we may then go elsewhere in the Park such as Herring Point or the Nature Center area.

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