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Gordons Pond & Herring Point CHSP Friday, October 28

Updated: Oct 29

Friday, Oct. 28, 8:00-11:30AM

SBC Field Trip to Cape Henlopen State Park: 60F, sunny with high clouds, winds NNE about 15 mph. Before we even set off on the Gordons Pond Trail, a mature bald eagle swooped low over the parking lot, landed in a nearby pine tree, and proceeded to devour an unfortunate fish. He had a tasty treat and we had a great view! 24 birders then walked the Gordons Pond Trail southbound to bench 5 and back.

GPTrail Checklist (39 species)

14 birders then braved the brisk north wind to scope the sea at Herring Point.

HP Checklist (9 species)

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