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Updated: May 13, 2021

In the 15 years since it began, the Delaware Ornithological Society Bird-A-Thon raised over $600,000 for conservation in Delaware and has helped preserve over 2,100 acres of habitat!

The goal of this year's Bird-A-Thon: the acquisition of the Fortner Property, near Port Penn. Located within the complex of wetlands at Augustine Creek, this property is important to Delaware's small, apparently resident Sandhill Crane population, and includes quality marsh and mature forest habitat for a number of other species that are of conservation concern within the state, including rails and shorebirds. DOS has set a goal of raising $50,000 which will go to the acquisition of this property by our partners at Delaware Wild Lands, Inc..

In 2019 the SBC "Road Runners" team recorded 133 species of birds and raised over $10,000! We were the top team in Sussex County!

2021 Update: On May 6 the SBC team of Sharon Lynn, Rob Schroeder, Sue Gruver, Rob and Carol Blye, and Nancy Cunningham logged their first bird--a catbird singing in the dark at 4:20 AM. Fifteen hours and 126 miles later they recorded their 121st species, Royal Tern, at 7:30 PM.

Donations are requested by June 1, 2021. Go to https://www.dosbirds.org/conservation/bird-a-thon/; write “Road Runners” in the notes. Please give whatever you can – no donation is too small! Your donation that will preserve habitat for birds, other wildlife and people that love them! THANK YOU!

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