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Bird-A-Thon 2021: Roadrunners rule!

by Carol Blye

Six members of the Sussex Bird Club participated in the Delaware Ornithological Society annual fundraising activity called "Bird-a-Thon" to raise money for preservation of open space throughout Delaware. The team, "The Roadrunners", set out to locate as many bird species as they could find in Sussex County in a 24-hour period on May 6th. The Roadrunners covered 137 miles starting at 4 a.m., and were able to find 121 different species. Pledges totaled $18,356.00, earning the Roadrunners first place in the county division. This year's state total, $64,001.00, was used by Delaware Wild Lands to protect Sandhill Crane breeding habitat with the acquisition of the Fortner Property, near Port Penn in New Castle County.

Team members are (L to R): Rob Schroeder, Susan Gruver, Rob Blye, Carol Blye, Nancy Cunningham, & Sharon Lynn.

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