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Avian Influenza: Awareness & Action

DNREC is asking for our help reporting dead or sick birds to the Division of Wildlife so they can monitor an outbreak of avian flu in birds.

Three ducks turned in by hunters in January from Kent County, Delaware had the highly pathogenic Eurasian H5 type avian influenza virus. In general, avian influenza predominantly affects ducks, geese, shorebirds, and gulls. However, other bird families and poultry can also be infected. Do not travel from a wetland habitat directly to a facility housing poultry (if you must, please be sure to change clothing and footwear). Do not touch wild birds that appear sick or are dead. You may report sick and/or dead wild birds to Division of Fish and Wildlife at these phone numbers:

New Castle County: 302-836-4682 Kent County: 302-739-6139 Sussex County: 302-855-1901 Dispatcher: 302-739-4580

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